Small Businesses: Don’t Ditch Back-To-School

August is back-to-school month. Stores are stocked with school supplies and dormitory essentials for students from ages 4 to 20. Sales are recorded to increase almost 5% during the month of August, due to customers buying their annual educational haul (Shoptrak). To sit out on the nation-wide shopping spree would be a missed opportunity.

Every small business can take advantage of a back-to-school promotion. Back-to-school doesn’t have to mean discounted school supplies and a stylish dorm room. For students, parents, and teachers, August is the mark of a new phase in life and your business can provide the services they need to reel in the new year.

It Takes A Village

It takes a village, they say. In August, the entire community is getting ready for the school year. Parents, students, teachers, and small businesses, of course. Small businesses play a huge roll in the back-to-school season. The right promotion will make your goods and services more available to the community. Consumers are already on the hunt for back-to-school deals. Know your consumer and all that back-to-school entails for him/her. Then your promotion is guaranteed to fit the needs of the community.

Students Are Customers

Students make up a vast market audience with various needs and demographics. Whatever service or product you provide, there is a student audience that will grab at a back-to-school promotion.

Are you in the beauty business? A new school year means a new look. You can offer discounted back-to-school haircuts for students wanting to change it up. Starting the year off with style gives kids a boost of confidence.

Is your restaurant or café located near a school? Offer a group coupon during the first few months of school. This will provide an affordable and local meal for sports teams, club meetings, and social groups. Not only will your business gain attention, but your store will likely become a popular choice for students.

Do you sell new or used electronics? In this digital age, electronics are becoming more and more regular in the average student’s supply list. While many schools provide computers, students still need reliable accessories like flash drives, headphones, and portable chargers to keep up with digital assignments. There are sure to be a few students in need of a new cell phone or gaming device to keep up with the social aspect of school life.

Show Support and Love for the Parents

No one has as much on their plate as parents when the first month of school rolls around. They have to juggle work, pack lunches, permission slips, and home games, all at once! As part of the community, small businesses can show their support of parents and their families by running back-to-school promotions that make life a little easier.

Are you a skilled massage therapist? Help moms take a load off with a free first-time session. School is only six hours a day, five days a week. Moms are working 24/7! They’ll be coming back to your office all year long.

Run an auto service shop? Driving kids to and from school is sure to take a toll on the family car. With your services, parents can be assured their wheels will last until graduation! Speaking of which, be sure to show support for your community’s newly-grads. While many of them receive their car in May, they’ll need a checkup in August before leaving home. Parents will bear the distance better knowing their son or daughter is driving a dependable vehicle.

Teachers Are Gearing Up, Too

We all have teachers to thank for sharing their knowledge and encouragement. Give back to the teachers in your community with a unique back-to-school promotion for them.

Did you know many teachers are underpaid? A lot of them admit to purchasing their own materials in order to enhance the learning environment of their classroom. Dedicate a back-to-school fundraiser to your local school. Students and families can support their school by purchasing your goods and services when a percentage of sales goes back to the school and teachers.

Do you absolutely love your job? Share your career experience with young minds by inviting a teacher’s class to take a field trip to your establishment and learn about the business. Not only will this cultivate future employees, but it’ll make your business a popular topic at the dinner table that night.

Do you deal with all things paper and ink? As previously mentioned, teachers often pay for their own supplies. It is speculated that teachers use up to 25,000 sheets of paper a year (Edutopia). Back-to-school month is a perfect time to invite teachers to open an account with your print shop.

Time For School

Hopefully, with an understanding of the back-to-school audience and an open mind, your small business can create the perfect promotion this August. Diving into the back-to-school season will make an impact on the community that will never fail to give back.