Meet Our Team.

Andrew Groustra

Andrew is a detail-oriented Digital Marketing Specialist and the owner of He has experience in social media marketing and advertising, newsletter development, digital brand and advertisement design, content marketing strategy, SEO, and PPC advertising. He has developed online campaigns for over 30 B2B and B2C organizations, using targeted social media and web advertisements to drive traffic to their websites and increase valuable leads. He is knowledgeable across all social media channels. He creates designs that capture the attention of fast-paced internet users and campaigns that provide greater results than just brand reach.

Andrew has worked as a freelance marketer as well as a Social Media specialist for Crazy Good Marketing and has created successful digital campaigns through social media, SEO, and email marketing for the busiest selling days of the year. He has a Social Media Marketing Certification from Podium by Hootsuite, and is an active alumni member of the Big Idea Project. He also coaches ice hockey at a local association and is involved in other community organizations.

The consistency of successful results and experience with online marketing from both a consumer and business side ensures your success with Andrew and his team at, who will work hard to develop online identities that stand out in the digital world.

Kate Reader
Digital Marketing Specialist

Kate has worked with several companies, helping them develop new and innovative ideas. Her skills include thinking analytically in order to best implement creative promotional ideas, helping companies rethink their brand identity to make them more recognizable to consumers, and planning events to help non-profits create awareness and earn money for their cause. Kate is able to implement her ideas using programs such as Excel, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and multiple social media management platforms.

Kate recently worked with the University of Colorado Boulder’s strategic relations team, as well as their graphic design team, to help them manage the BeBoulder brand. This included conducting research to determine how effectively the brand is being used in both print materials and social media. Additionally this position required developing and creating media ads and logos. Using the skills from this position, she has joined the team to help companies develop the best promotional plans helping their business to surge. Kate is studying marketing at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The combination of experience with branding, a creative mindset, and an ability to implement ideas makes Kate equipped to create the best promotional ideas for any business.