3 Easy Ways to Make Pokémon GO work for your Ecommerce business

With more daily users than Twitter and more daily time spent than Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram Pokemon GO is the US's biggest mobile game to date. Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game, allows players to use their smartphones to collect Pokemon and items at  "pokestops" and battle other players at "gyms" which are places of interest in the real world. Meetups have been set up at local parks, monuments, and businesses. This has caused large groups to flock to businesses surrounding Pokestops.

Even a month after it’s release, it’s still not surprising to see large groups of people walking around glued to their screens playing the game. Many local businesses who have been lucky enough to have a “Pokestop” near or in their location have seen a big jump in sales, there was even an ice cream shop saved because of the augmented reality game. But what about the massive number of Ecommerce businesses without a brick-and-mortar store front? How can these business get in on this trend?

1. Integrate Pokémon GO into your Social Media Giveaways and Contests
If you are one of the many online companies that uses social media to promote a giveaway or contest, make it Pokémon Go based. The app has a camera feature so it makes it easy for users to take and share pictures from the app! Connect your product with catching Pokémon in the real world, and offer them a digital offer for sharing it!

2. Create a Pokémon GO Sale on your site
Pokémon GO allows players to choose one of three teams, who have formed fierce rivalries over taking gyms from one another. Use this to your advantage and create discount codes for each team, totaling up uses and announcing a winner.

3. Connect with a local business to sponsor a meetup
With many players still getting into the game, and more hardcore players looking to catch more Pokémon, the game is still hugely popular in most cities.  Get connected with a local business in your city that has a “Pokestop” or “gym” in its vicinity and sponsor an event. Offer discounted product at the event along with promotional material to spread the word. Perhaps even give attendees a unique discount at your online store.

The hype of Pokémon GO may not last forever, but as Augmented Reality becomes more common and affordable, there will be more and more opportunities to use it to your business's advantage. GO catch ‘em all!